About Us

Browning Oil Company, Inc. (BOCI) is a privately-held, family-owned exploration and production company.  The Company’s main office is located in Dallas, Texas.  A production and field operations office is located in Giddings, Texas.

Browning was founded by Mr. William W. Browning, Jr. in 1974 as an independent oil and gas company.  Initially, the Company was focused in the Austin Chalk play in Lee and Fayette Counties of Texas.  Overall the Company participated in over 600 Austin Chalk wells in this area.  In the last 10 years, the Company has concentrated primarily in the Permian Basin shale plays.  During this period Browning has participated in approximately 230 wells mainly in Reeves County, Texas.

The management group for Browning is headed by Michael McWilliams, President and CEO. Mr. McWilliams has a degree in geology and has been involved in petroleum exploration and production for over 40 years.

Browning’s business plan incorporates a combination of exploration, exploitation and reserve acquisitions depending upon the available opportunities and market conditions. Browning’s relatively small size, coupled with a strong balance sheet, gives it the ability to quickly pursue opportunities in its chosen areas of interest, predominantly Texas and Louisiana.